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DECEMBER 17-18, 2022

We created Indie House because of COVID-19. The first two editions focused on local artists as our local filmmakers needed to be able to exhibit their projects and most of the live events were canceled.

Although the first edition was very complicated to manage, after the first two editions working only with local artists from the region of Catalonia. We launched the third edition of the festival in Monthly format.

Our principles remain intact and although this edition is going to be international and competitive, we do not forget our local filmmakers. That is why we are going to have a special category for filmmakers or writers from the Catalonia region.

The first two editions were held in multipurpose rooms with around 20-30 attendees. In this third edition we want to take a leap in quality, that is why we are going to move our annual event at the Verdi Cinemas in Barcelona in a room with capacity for more than 250 spectators.

The format is very simple. Every month we award all categories of the festival. The best music video, trailer and short film are screened at our monthly event. We do this monthly event in collaboration with cinemaclubs in the city. It is a small and humble event.

At the end of the year we organize the great event of the festival. A live event in one of the most prestigious cinemas in Barcelona. Verdi cinemas. In this event we will show the best projects that we have received in all the monthly editions of the year.

Date of the live festival in Barcelona: December 17-18, 2022.

-We organize monthly events in small cinema clubs.
-At the end of the year we organize a big event in a professional cinema.



-If my project is not selected in a monthly edition, is it discarded for the great annual event?

No. All the projects registered in our Monthly events also compete for the annual event independently since our jury for the monthly events is not the same as for the annual event.

Can I register a 2019 projects?

Yes. We do not have a production year limit. We believe in second and third chances.

For monthly events do I have to send DCP or files?

No. For the monthly events we project through the filmfreeway platform to make it easier for everyone. For the annual event, we will need the files of your project to be able to screen it in a professional cinema.

Communication is very important to us. For any questions, you can write to the festival email and we will be happy to answer all your questions.