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INTERVIEW WITH Adam Yadlovskyi




Can you explain to the audience your career? 

Currently I am in my last year of ESCAC, a Spanish film school and I have realised a dozen short films. I am currently writing some feature film scripts to be produced in the next few years.


-How many years have you been making movies? 

I have been making short films for seven years.


-Why did you start making movies? 

There are two main reasons for why I started making movies. First, I LOVE the filming process. Being on set and creating my vision with a great team of actors and crew is a very satisfying for me. Secondly, I have always wanted to be a story teller, but I didn't know what would be the best way for me to tell those stories. When I discovered cinema was a real option for me I knew this was where I could best explore my creativity.


-Tell us a little about “The Heist”/ “El Robo”). What will the audience be able to see in your film? 

For me, this is a comedy and story that is a character based film, and I hope the audience is able to see this funny relationship that the main protagonists have.


-Why did you do this project? 

I want to make an audience feel young again. I want to make them feel that even if you are old, you should never lose your youth spirit.


-One of the problems some directors encounter is directing actors and dealing with some actors, especially in the amateur world. How do you see this topic? What kind of work do you do with them?

Working with actors is one of the hardest things when you are a director. For me it is also one of the best things too, and it all starts with proper casting. It is very important for me to cast good actors because if they are not, it is going to be very difficult to work with them. I know that some directors prefer casting people with no experience however, but I think that it works for them because the person they cast is just like the character. 

Usually I work hard with my actors and I rehearse a lot in pre production. In this film, for example, I worked hard on creating a relationship between my two main actresses because I knew that they needed to have a great chemistry. Improvisation was a good way to create a believable background for them, and the best thing was that they created it themselves. That gives them more depth on their performance. 


-A good movie takes care of all departments. But normally we can not allocate all the resources to have a good photography or spend a lot of money on sound post production or budget to hire actors. In your project what % have you allocated to. I don't just mean money but time as well. Of 100% of the time/money, what % did you dedicate to each department? 

This is a tricky question because some of the departments I dedicated less time to because I had a person in charge that dedicated the hours that I could not…


But still:


-Direction: 30%

-Photography 10%

-Sound 10%

-Postproduction 10%

-Work with actors 30%

-Art direction/locations: 10%


-If you could go back, what would you change about this project? (1 thing only) 

I would shoot more over the shoulder shots, because in the edit I found out that it would improve the correlation of some shots.


-What are you happiest about this project? 

The actresses performances and the final battle scene! 


-Make a wish to the movie gods. What do you ask? 

Make a “The Heist” feature film! 


-What movie would you have liked to direct? 

Saving Private Ryan 


-What’s your favorite movie Genre? 



-Who is your favorite director? 

David Fincher


-Who is your favorite actor or actress? 

Brad Pitt, Ana de Armas


-Please describe your relationship with Motivate Pictures and what is your vision for the future with them? 

I feel like part of a big family where I can develop my creativity and my projects. Also, I can be part of MoPic’s great projects and do my best to help contribute to the success of those projects. My vision for the future with them is making some feature films. 


-How is it working with Maurice Moore and Alex Rios at motivate pictures? 

It is great!  The best moments are when they challenge me to be a better filmmaker. I feel like I can share an idea with them and then they give me room to develop it. It is just so great to work with talented people and I think with Mo and Alex, this is definitely the case! 


-Tell us about a project on the horizon? 

Currently I am working on a war/drama short film that I will shoot next year. 

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